About WasteLess

WasteLess is an Environment Lethbridge project with a focus on creating an innovative, educational platform on the impact of waste disposal and making the case for waste reduction in Lethbridge. 


  • Raise awareness on current Lethbridge waste disposal recycling and practices
  • Access to current and factual information about Lethbridge’s environmental footprint
  • Provide data for informed decision making on recycling and consumer behaviour
  • Provide solutions to ensure environmental sustainability

In Lethbridge about 110,000 tonnes of waste is sent to the landfill each year. For the 96,000 citizens of the city, that means there is 1150 kg (2,530 lbs) of garbage disposed per person each year or 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs) of garbage per person each day. Lethbridge citizens throw away about fifteen times our body weight in garbage each year. 

In Alberta, annual solid waste disposed in municipal landfills averages about 997 kg per person and in Canada about 706 kg per person. Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other OECD country. Alberta disposes the most waste per person in Canada, and Lethbridge disposes more waste per person than the provincial average. We are among the most wasteful people on the planet.

Putting large amounts of waste into a landfill is an unsustainable approach to the use of resources and poses risks to air and water quality.  Only about 25% of what residents of Lethbridge throw away in their home, at work and at play is really waste, the rest is simply a waste of resources. Harmful environmental effects are reduced and resources are conserved for future generations by reducing consumption, reusing consumer products and recycling materials into new products.  There is an economic cost to implementing community-wide recycling (including organics), but there are also benefits such as reduced landfill costs, job creation and revenue from sale of recycled materials, including selling compost and electricity generated from biogas. 

Lethbridge City Council has set targets to reduce waste to 600 kg per person per year by 2030, an overall reduction of 50%.  



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