The Workman Roofing company is locally based out of Coaldale, Alberta. This company values the environment and has changed their disposal method for old shingles to be more environmentally conscious. Instead of disposing of the waste metals, plastics, and shingles with other materials attached in one dump, they take the time to sort out the different materials for recycling, cleaning off the excess materials from the old shingles before taking them to the recycling centre.

There is a financial incentive involved in cleaning the shingles before transporting the material to the recycling center. Certain materials used in the roofing process can be scraped off and disposed of separately from the individual shingles. There is a reduction in dumping fees for the company by cleaning off the shingles ahead of time. For example, the dump fees for disposing of clean shingles are approximately $50 per ton of material. Whereas the fees for dirty shingles equal around $80 per ton of waste. There is a significant cost reduction for taking the extra time to clean the material before transporting it for disposal.

Once the materials are all separated, the metals and plastics can be disposed of individually. Following this change to company procedure, the results have been significant. Prior to the initiative, the company generally took five trips to the dump per week, costing around $100 each time. That would average to around to a weekly cost of $500 which has been cut in half since the switch to this new procedure.

When a simple change is beneficial for the environment and for the company financially, making a policy change is a sensible choice. The adjustment period was swift and easy for the Workman Roofing company to incorporate these new changes into their regular routine. Other companies could follow their lead by changing their policies to reflect similar choices in the waste disposal process.

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Written and photographed by Kristen Hancsicak