About WasteLess

WasteLess develops resources and participates in events that inform the Lethbridge community about waste and inspire action to waste less.  

WasteLess is a committee of Environment Lethbridge and operates within the mission, policies and procedures of Environment Lethbridge.  WasteLess supports and complements City of Lethbridge policy on waste reduction (see City of Lethbridge Waste Diversion Policy). 

WasteLess is composed of representatives of Environment Lethbridge (staff) and of City of Lethbridge Waste and Recycling Services as well as volunteers with an interest in waste reduction and with skills and experience in science/technical research, education, communications, community engagement, web design and development, strategic planning, and project management.

WasteLess formed in 2015. The WasteLess.ca website went live in November 2016 with “Waste in YQL” webpage.  The “Community Leaders” webpage went live in May 2018 to profile local success stories in waste reduction or diversion.  “WasteLess.ca/food” went live in September 2019. Our latest project is "Trashy Textiles" which was published in October 2021.



Braum Barber
Cheryl Bradley
Jackie Doherty
Lorne Fitch
Kathleen Sheppard
Tyler Stewart
Michael Bartz
Kiri Stolz
Taelynn Graham
Christine Clark
Dafne Carrasco
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Simone Bowes


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