Community Leaders

Celebrating people and organizations in Lethbridge that are leading the way in waste reduction through creativity and innovation.

Do you know of a person or group making a difference?
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Dr Lauren Zink

Dr. Lauren Zink shares the results of her research into the impacts of microplastics on our local, freshwater ecosystems. Photo by Soren Funk.

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot has been providing sustainable products and refills in Lethbridge for 8 years!

ABLE Electronics

By refurbishing and repairing personal computers (PCs), ABLE Electronics has diverted 1000 PCs from the landfill since they started in January 2020.

Marissa Crosswhite

A thousand tonnes of dog poop is produced in Lethbridge each year. UofL student Marissa Crosswhite set out to understand and advocate for ways this waste, and all the plastic that comes with it, could be diverted from the landfill.

Zero-Waste Pitch Project

Lethbridge College student Ednna Stobchinski is working on a pilot project that turns compost into liquid fertilizer at the College's aquaponics centre. The fertilizer can be used for crop production or in households. 

Environmental Deconstruction Projects by Facility Services

When buildings need to be taken down, Facility Services at the University of Lethbridge follows a rigorous process of environmental deconstruction. Their success at salvaging a building's materials and diverting as much as possible from the landfill has made them leaders in this emerging field.

Upper Victoria Neighborhood Association

Neighbour Day takes sustainability and waste seriously - from using recycled paper for their flyers to reusable signs and bulk drinking water! The sorting stations even allow for the organizers to monitor their footprint over the years!

Triple M Housing

Factory-built homes by Triple M Housing create efficiencies that save resources, cut emissions, and reduce waste by 70% compared to traditional housing construction. They have also set a goal to reach net-zero energy by 2032!

Solstice Juice Co

Lauren Hart and Lauren Scherloski have found ways to make their fresh-pressed juices more sustainable by creating incentives for customers to reuse their juice bottles and composting the leftover fruit and vegetable pulp. Delicious, healthy, and environmental!


A recent edition to the local sharing economy, Rentbridge provides a platform for people to safely rent out everyday items to others. Rather than everyone purchasing items that are only used a few times, Rentbridge helps foster a more circular economy.

Days for Girls Lethbridge Chapter

Local people making a global impact. Days for Girls is a not-for-profit that empowers women and girls worldwide by providing sustainable menstrual solutions.

House of Hammm

Bucking the trend of fast fashion and its tendency to create textile waste, House of Hammm keeps good quality clothing in use through consignment.

More For Less

More For Less is interrupting the cycle of fast fashion by diverting textile waste from the Lethbridge landfill. They provide Lethbridge shoppers with vintage clothing at affordable prices while also supporting people with special needs through employment programs. 

Jonny Bean

Great coffee with great sustainability. Jonny Bean works to reduce waste through locally sourced products, salvaging materials, and composting coffee grounds.

Interfaith Food Bank

This organization is making a big environmental impact by making use of good food that would otherwise be wasted through partnerships with grocery stores.

The Grateful Grill and Tacos del Oso Muerto Food Trucks

Winner of Lethbridge's Greenest Vendor Award, these food trucks work together with municipalities and events to ensure their compostable food containers don't end up in the garbage.

Full Circle Plastics

Full Circle Plastics is making sure our cheap, dirty plastic recycling doesn't go to waste by turning them into new products like fence posts, construction materials, and parking curbs for North American markets.

Park Place Mall

As a BOMA 'Go Green' platinum certified building, Park Place Mall is a leading example of best-practices in waste reduction in Western Canada, enabling building management and its tenants to become greener and waste less.

Mocha Cabana

The food and waste reduction decisions that the restaurant Mocha Cabana makes have allowed them to emerge as a Lethbridge leader in not only waste reduction but in the way we think about food.

University of Lethbridge

By looking for innovative solutions, like working with Styrofoam recycler Syro-Go, the University of Lethbridge is able to divert 130 tonnes of recycling and composting material each year.

Downtown BRZ

The Downtown BRZ's Clean Sweep Program exchanges environmental work for stipends and social support. Dozens of people are now helping to keep our streets free of debris and garbage and collecting leaves for compost.