“It’s part of our DNA” – Rick Weste, President and CEO of Triple M Housing

Triple M Housing based in Lethbridge is a leader in customized factory-built homes throughout Western Canada. Part of that leadership is in conserving energy and controlling waste at every step of designing, constructing and assembling their homes. In 1996, Triple M Housing began implementing recycling practices to divert waste from landfill. In 2003, the company became certified by Built Green Canada, an industry-driven program to encourage and facilitate sustainable business practices. Implementing sustainable initiatives comes naturally for Company President and CEO Rick Weste, having an environmental science background and a passion for creating comfortable and affordable homes for Canadians. Triple M homes are designed with tight building envelopes that not only withstand extreme weather changes but also require less energy to sustain a comfortable interior temperature. Triple M Housing works closely with their suppliers to customize building materials, like panelling, and prevent unnecessary waste. Waste generated in-factory, including pallets and batteries, is audited and sorted for recycling and proper disposal.  

Audits have shown that by building in-factory, Triple M Housing impressively reduces waste by 70% compared to traditional housing construction practices and recycles over 50% of the materials that they do waste. In addition they produce 43% less CO2 emissions than traditional home builders. 

Rick Weste and Sim Bains (Vice President at Triple M Housing) say that home ownership should be affordable, renewable, and responsible for everyone involved. As the housing industry is the number one employer in Canada, they say it makes sense to reduce the amount of resources used, cut emissions, and limit waste. “It’s the right thing to do”, said Sim, “it makes us feel good”.  

Triple M Housing is always looking to innovate. They keep their ears open for new developments in building science and for new green programs offered by governments. By listening to their employees and their customers they learn of new ideas to improve sustainability initiatives in the creation of quality homes. 

Triple M Housing is proud to be a model of sustainability in the housing industry and they are hoping to reach a goal of net zero energy by 2032. Rick and Sim are clearly passionate about sustainability in the housing industry, “it’s part of our DNA”, said Rick. 

Written by Brooklyn Kolb. 
Wire to Recycle
Collecting leftover wire to recycle.
Inside the Triple M factory.